A poem for natural destroyer

You, who are laughing now,
Bathed by all treasure
Friends with all that luxury
Who gives it all?

The trees that you tear down
Animals that you sell
Land that increasingly barren
Water that increasingly dirty
River that increasingly dry
Forest that you took entirely
And thick smoke from tree that you burn

Did you forget?
Forget our grandchildren
They need fresh air
Wanting natural affection
Wanting a beautiful world
Wanting the green leaves of trees
Expecting the cool trees

Did you realize?
Many lives that you take
Many hope that you destroyed
You, the destroyers of nature
Do not forget the laws of nature
Do not forget the fury of nature
This will surely come
Destroy all the destroyers of nature

O the destroyer of nature,
We need natural beauty
We need natural coolness
We need natural life
We pinned our hopes on nature
Please keep our nature
Into stunning nature